Intranet Consulting And Development For Employee Center Of Information, Data, And Documents

Benefits of having a working company intranet

If built correctly, your company’s Intranet should:

  • Collect and organize information and make it accessible and useful to employees (the entire purpose of an Intranet)
  • Be the life-blood that runs your entire company
  • Manage projects across the company in one place (all issues, tasks, schedules)

Is your intranet creating more problems than solutions?

Take The “Does My Intranet Suck?” Quiz:

  • Do you have a visually appealing Intranet site?
  • Do you have a simplified document management?
  • Do you have seamless team collaboration?
  • Do you have mobile access to all your business information?
  • Do you have the time or skills in-house to maximize SharePoint, or migrate your file server?

Did you answer “No” to any? If so, chances are you need help from an Intranet Expert.


Customer Engagement and Management

  • Project Dashboards – know the status of what is working or what isn’t so you can focus on what’s most important
  • Financials – are you on a budget?
  • Schedules – is everything running on time? Do you know?
  • Tasks – easily manage who is doing what and hold people accountable to one another

Search and document management

  • Mobile access to your documents, from anywhere
  • Field to Office collaboration and document sharing
  • Search all your documents instantly, from anywhere
  • Version and back up your documents securely
  • Migrate off expensive and clunky files servers to the cloud

Not sure what kind of solution you need?

No problem! As SharePoint consultants, we can help you figure out exactly what you need to make it work specifically for your business. We also do the actual SharePoint programming and development needed to customize and integrate it into your company’s workflow.

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